• Money laundering is not just related to drug money being brought into the financial system
    • How 9/11 changed this dynamic completely.
    • How is terrorism related to money laundering?
    • What are the hot-points, war stories, affected institutions, impact and costs?
  • It is a crime – Not just a civil matter anymore
  • How does it impact you?
  • What best practices should you have in place?
  • What will be required for CTPAT?
  • Importers
  • Custom Brokers
  • Regulatory Affairs Professionals
  • Product Development Managers

M. Ali Ansari, Director, Advisory Services, Marcum LLP
Jennifer Diaz, Founder, Diaz Trade Law, Diaz Trade Consulting
Steffen Ruigrok, Director of Investor Compliance & Regulatory Services, TMF Group

Cost: $50