Join Marcum Technology’s John Rostern for a deep dive into the world of cybersecurity. We will explore attack surface mapping and its significance in today’s cyber defense strategies. Discover the integral role that attack surface mapping, alongside attack path modeling, bolstering your organization’s resilience against cyber-attacks and breaches. This session is essential for all professionals seeking to enhance their cybersecurity measures and keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

  • Understanding Attack Surface Mapping: Learn what attack surface mapping is and how it acts as the first line of defense in cybersecurity.
  • The Role of Attack Path Modeling: Grasp why integrating attack surface mapping with attack path modeling is vital for reducing cybersecurity risk.
  • Foundation for Zero Trust: Explore how a well-mapped attack surface is critical to implementing an effective Zero-Trust security model within your organization.

John Rostern, Vice President, Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics – Marcum Technology