Join Marcum Technology for this compelling webinar that dives into the powerful synergy between nonprofit organizations and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Discover how MSPs can significantly propel nonprofit success by addressing unique technological challenges and enhancing operational efficiency.

In this session, you will be provided with valuable insights on:

  • Real case studies reflecting Marcum Technology’s experience and knowledge around nonprofit clients.
  • How MSPs tailor their services to meet the specific needs of nonprofits, fostering growth and resilience.
  • The strategic advantages of partnering with MSPs, including strengthened data security, optimized resource allocation, and improved IT infrastructure.
  • Actionable strategies nonprofits can adopt to maximize the benefits of MSP collaborations.

Holly Stamper leads the discussion, focusing on the tactical aspects of leveraging MSPs to advance your nonprofit’s mission. This webinar is ideal for nonprofit executives, IT managers, and anyone interested in enhancing their organization’s technological capabilities.

Don’t pass up the chance to elevate your nonprofit’s impact through strategic MSP partnerships and hear from two of Marcum Technology’s nonprofit clients. 

George Louris, VP of Managed IT Services at Marcum Technology
Holly Stamper, Senior Director, Marcum Technology & Marcum Foundation Ambassador

Daria Melchenko, Head of Operations at The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project
Victor Pimentel, IT Operations Administrator at The Climate & Clean Energy Equity Fund


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