Nonprofits and Associations thought they had planned for the worst, and then the coronavirus changed everything – cancelling conferences, freezing donations, and jeopardizing key stakeholder’s ability to provide support.  In this session, Raffa Wealth Management will examine how Nonprofits and Associations can reasonably target an optimal level of reserve and share best practices related to the segmentation of cash assets based on the timing of likely cash flows.

Presenter: Mark Murphy and Ryan Frydenlund, Raffa Wealth Management
Fields of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Amount of Recommended CPE: 1
Type of Delivery Method: Group-Internet
Learning Objectives: Nonprofit and Association leaders will learn a process for quantifying their unique business risks and opportunities, the aggregate sum of which can serve as an optimal target level of reserves.  Peer benchmarks from the Study on Nonprofit Investing will be shared related to the segmentation of cash assets.
Program Level: Basic
Prerequisites: NONE
Advanced Preparation: NONE
Webinar: Yes