Worried about being charismatic on video? Experiencing Zoom Fatigue?

If that sounds familiar, join the Marcum Women’s Initiative on September 29 for an interactive seminar featuring Self – Development and Executive Coach Liza Andrews of PictureCure for tips and tricks on how to become more photogenic and videogenic, learn how to use photos and videos as self-development tools to improve body language, overcome shyness and be confident while representing yourself on video and in-person.

To prepare for this seminar, visit PictureCure’s site to take their self assessment test to find out if you are making the best use of your current image.


Liza Andrews, Self-Development & Executive Coach – PictureCure

About PictureCure and Liza Andrews

Liza Andrews is a self-development coach, photographer and the creator of the PictureCure Methods. Her education and experience involve human resources, psychology and photography. She started her career in the corporate world, working with recruiting and training programs. With the advent of social media, having a strong professional presence online became mandatory, and Liza brought her expertise in portraiture to the table. She started photographing her colleagues and staff, after teaching them how to become photogenic.

Her method contemplated not only the moves to look good on camera, but also, the psychological aspects that make people feel shy and self-conscious about their image. The How to Become Photogenic method became extremely successful, and served as foundation to her other self-development methods, including “How To Enhance Your Professional Presence.” The latter, teaches professionals how to use audio-visual tools (photos, video cameras and audio recordings) to monitor goals, stay motivated and develop an image of leadership. An easy-to-do program to increase confidence inside out and help professionals “look the part” and best represent themselves online and in-person. Liza coaches her signature methods in Europe, South America and the U.S; in English, Spanish and Portuguese. She was featured on Globo TV, and Bold TV as an industry expert.