Lessons Learned from COVID-19 and Building a Construction-Focused Software Ecosystem

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Join Roger Gingerich, the leader of Marcum’s Midwest Construction group, as he hosts and moderates a panel discussion with John Meibers from Deltek + ComputerEase and Chuck Schwartz from Marcum to discuss how contractors can audit and improve their software ecosystem to drive steady, predictable business growth.

As business – and life – went virtual in 2020, the software and technology contractors used to run their business was put to the test. Companies with comprehensive and sophisticated software ecosystems were able to maintain and often boost overall productivity and exhibited greater resiliency to business disruption. We hope you’ll join us for this exciting panel event to learn more about what your software ecosystem can be doing for your firm.


  • Overall state of the industry update from Roger G. and Marcum
  • What the tech happened? Lessons learned during COVID-19 from contractors
  • How to stress-test your software ecosystem to identify vulnerabilities
  • How to put together both short-term and long-term strategies to address identified vulnerabilities
  • Exploring the importance of driving collaboration through technology and systems

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John Meibers, Vice President & General Manager | Deltek + ComputerEase
Roger Gingerich, Partner | Marcum LLP
Chuck Schwartz, Software Consultant, Marcum LLP