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Knowing that charitable nonprofits and foundations across the country are eager and anxious to understand the implications of the evolving federal legislation in response to COVID-19, our team is committed to helping you stay abreast of opportunities that impact and can help advance your mission.


Tom Raffa, National Leader, Nonprofit & Social Sector
Michael D’Addio, Principal, Tax & Business
Mary Antonetti, Partner, Tax & Business
Frank Smith, National Leader, Nonprofit Tax
Aaron Fox, Director, Tax & Business


  • How do you qualify as a small business – affiliation rules explored
  • Provisions that cover most
    • Credits applicable under FFCRA
    • Payroll Tax Deductions
    • Payroll Tax Credits
    • Benefits to your Employees
    • Applicability of your Business Insurance
    • UBIT and NOL issues
    • Changes in Charitable Deductions for Individuals and Corporations
  • Provisions covering NPO’s with 500 Employees and Less
    • Paycheck Protection Program
    • Economic Injury Disaster Loan
  • Provisions covering NPO’s with over 500 employees
    • The Stabilization Act
  • Open Questions