2020 Business Leader Agenda

The pandemic has delivered a major blow to many organizations in 2020. We are left wondering how long this impact will be and what actions business owners can take to weather the storm. We also wonder if this is really a one-time event or if there is a larger shift occurring in the market. Are you and your business weathering the storm? What steps can you take to make it out of the storm? Are the PPP loans enough or should you take other steps?

In this session we will address key questions to help you get recover: What are the key market conditions we are facing? Is it just Covid-19 or is there more at play? What steps should a business owner and CFO or Controller take right now to make it through this financial storm? Is this a good time to invest and in what way? Can a recession actually be a good thing and how do we take advantage of a recession?

Learning Objective

  • What is really happening in our economy and what factors should business leaders consider in running their business
  • Key steps all business leaders should take to prepare
  • Opportunities to benefit and strengthen the business during the financial storm

CPE Category: Finance
Level: Basic; Prerequisites or advance preparation: None