EB-5 Demystified – The Rules, the Roles, the Opportunities

EB-5 is a mechanism by which foreign investors may obtain visas for their families and themselves by investing at least $500,000 in a business in the United States that creates at least 10 jobs and meets many other requirements.

It offers up huge opportunities for foreign investors wishing Visas and for those seeking capital for their projects, and all of the many professionals it takes to make this happen along the way.

It’s a very complicated process that involves many components – searching for investors, meeting specific qualifications, an economic plan, a business plan, meeting SEC requirements, tax consequences, decisions about how and where to invest and whether to do so directly or through what is called a “Regional Center” and a host of other issues.

EB-5 has so many puzzle pieces that a variety of professionals are needed to make it all come together for the foreign investor, including:
  • Immigration Attorneys
  • Securities/Corporate Attorneys
  • Real Estate and other specialty legal advisors
  • Business Plan Writer
  • Economists
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Migration Agents
  • Broker Dealers
  • Developers

Pincus Professional Education presents this in-depth conference to bring you up-to-speed on the process, the people, the law and the vast opportunities EB-5 offers to you whether you are the foreign investor, the company looking for an investor, or any of the professionals listed above.