Boards that delay filling vacancies until days or weeks before their annual meetings typically resort to recruiting people they know instead of the people they need. This practice can hasten the slippage into board mediocrity, a level to which no board aspires. Unfortunately, low performance boards require more time and attention from busy CEO’s, not less.

CEO’s need their boards to be visionary and strategic, not tactical, getting into the weeds of operations. CEO’s who attend this webinar will learn that by collaborating with their board chair and following these practical new member recruitment steps they can guide their boards away from tactical thinking and  toward a culture of excellence, vision fulfillment and strategic thinking.

Fields of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Amount of Recommended CPE: 1.5
Jenna M. Allegretto, Senior Manager-Assurance Services, Marcum LLP
John Thomas, President & CEO, John Wm. Thomas Consulting LLC
Type of Delivery Method: Group-Internet
Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why collaboration between CEOs and board members (especially board chairs) is vital.
  • Identify the relationship among the people, the structure, the culture and the impact of a board on organizational performance.
  • Understand the connection between routine board recruitment practices and overall board effectiveness.
  • Discuss strategic board recruitment steps to build a better board focused on a culture of excellence, vision fulfillment and strategic thinking.

Program Level: Basic
Prerequisites: NONE
Advanced Preparation: NONE
Webinar: Yes