Every organization prepares budget and measures performance through budgeting and reporting. Today, more than ever, it is important to be able to effectively budget, forecast and report in our decentralized work environment. While most organizations use Microsoft Excel for budgeting, a budget solution is a must to streamline the entire budget process.

Join Marcum Technology as we provide you with a review of a FP&A solution like Vena to help you plan and forecast your budget. Vena is a complete planning platform that brings together the familiarity and flexibility of an Excel interface with the technology and methodology that turns individuals into teams and passions into plans.

We will review how you can manage the budget process and easily develop budgets while working remotely in a decentralized environment. We will also explore how organizations can take full control over costs and expenses in managing their budgets.

Presenter: Buu-Linh Tran, Director – Financial Solutions, Marcum Technology
Fields of Study: Computer Software & Applications
Amount of Recommended CPE: 1
Type of Delivery Method: Group Internet Based
Learning Objectives: 

  • Understanding Vena software ecosystem
  • How Vena leverage Excel for budgeting
  • Best practice for budgeting and forecasting

Program Level: Basic
Prerequisites: NONE
Advanced Preparation: NONE
Webinar: Yes