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It’s no accident that more and more construction businesses have moved their data to the cloud. 

Acumatica’s Next Generation Cloud ERP Software is an integrated accounting, CRM, and business management solution that offers all the benefits of the Cloud to help you become more efficient and serve your customers more effectively.

Whether you self-perform or manage sub-contractors, you need access to accurate, timely business information so that you can make the strategic decisions that will move projects—and your business—forward.

When individual employees or entire departments don’t have the right tools to share information and knowledge with each other—or they simply don’t want to—organizational silos occur. When systems are in silos, business processes become more complex than they should be.

For example, if you have to pull reports from multiple systems to collate them into one report, you’re not only wasting time but also leaving your business vulnerable to errors.

Cloud technology gives you an end-to-end solution in which everyone from management and field operations to the back office is connected and has complete visibility into your construction business and your customers.


Glenn Anstead, VP – Financial Solutions, Marcum Technology

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