Program Description

Participants will receive an overview of what is included in a case statement, why they are important, and how it can benefit (and detract) from their goals and vision. To illustrate these points, participants will review samples to determine the pros and cons of each one. We will go over how to use case statements for a variety of purposes, and participants will work together on a group exercise. At the end, there will be time for a recap and questions.

Presenter: Rachel Werner, RBW Strategy, LLC
Meal: Lunch
Fields of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Amount of Recommended CPE: 2 hours
Type of Delivery Method: Group-Live
Learning Objectives:Participants will understand the definition of a case statement and why it’s important. They will also learn when and how to use case statements for fundraising and marketing purposes and identify the information that’s needed in case statements. At the end, we will work on a plan for identifying how to build a case statement within participants’ organizations.
Program Level: Basic
Prerequisites: NONE
Advanced Preparation: NONE
Webinar: No

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