The transition of divorce is a life-changing experience and has a significant impact on many areas of life. One area of change that often brings up questions and fears, is on our financial future. More than anything, we’ve found that our clients and potential clients express a desire to know that they (and their families) are going to be okay. In addition, folks want to know what they can proactively begin doing in the immediate sense to help make the process of transitioning into the future as manageable and as possible.

In our next webinar, on Tuesday November 6 at 9:00 AM, we are teaming up with our partners at Freed Marcroft LLC to help answer the questions we hear most frequently; questions that may be swirling through your mind currently. Questions that may not have occurred to you yet, but in hearing them, you will have a greater understanding of the road ahead.

Mike Maksymiw and Pat Small from our West Hartford, Connecticut office, will address things like how filing for divorce affects your tax filing status, where to send your tax documents, special rules about separation agreements and how retirement accounts can be affected in divorce. Our friends at Freed Marcroft LLC will address questions regarding the marital home, car titles, bank accounts, alimony, support, and more.

For so many, divorce is the first time folks are coming face-to-face with their finances. That is, to say, typically one person in the relationship takes on the responsibility of managing the household budget, accounts, and debts. This webinar is designed to empower both members of the household equation. You can expect to take-away valuable information, trusted resources and new tools to help you get into the driver’s seat and make smart decisions about your future.