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In our fourth webinar of the series, we will be focusing on issues faced by private foundations in regards to their investment portfolios. Our panel will discuss various tax considerations, including:

  • Program related investments
  • Jeopardizing investments
  • Excess business holdings
  • Unrelated business income implications

In addition to the various tax issues, we’ll also:

  • Outline the critical lessons learned during the Q1 Market Crash and discuss what actions Foundations should be considering now
  • Look at the critical role investment policies play in guiding decisions and bringing discipline to the investment process
  • Review areas in which many investment policies fell short
  • Share best practices from the peer benchmarking Study on Nonprofit Investing

Attendees will come away with actionable knowledge to help your Foundation manage its portfolio during these volatile times.


Frank Smith, National Nonprofit Tax Leader, Marcum LLP
Mark Murphy, Chief Investment Officer, Raffa Wealth Management
Trey Olcott, Senior Portfolio Manager, Raffa Wealth Management