The Critical Element Pathways and Observational forms used by surveyors in the new survey process are tools that will determine survey outcomes. If the interdisciplinary team understands and embraces the information that will be gleaned from these tools, a less stressful, and more successful result will be achieved.


This session will delve into the three observational pathways and two Critical Element Pathways that impact the entire facility and interdisciplinary team. Attendee will become familiar with the terminology and methodology that surveyors will use during the new survey process.

Observational Pathways
  • Extended Survey.
  • Infection Prevention, Control, and Immunizations.
  • QAA and QAPI.
Critical Element Pathways
  • Abuse.
  • Behavior and Emotional Status.

Marilyn Mines, RN, BC, RAC-CT
Senior Manager, Marcum LLP

This course is credentialed in the State of Illinois for:

  • 1.5 hours of CE for Physical Therapists
  • 1.5 hours of CE for Registered Nurses/Licensed Practical Nurses
  • 1.5 hours of CE for Occupational Therapists
  • 1.5 hours of CE for Nursing Home Administrators

Please check with your state licensing board to determine whether this course will qualify for CE in states other than Illinois. This course does not qualify for continuing professional education for certified public accountants.

$150 per facility, per connection. Registration fee includes continuing education credit for up to 5 staff members.