Join Marcum LLP’s Tech Talk webinar series geared towards entrepreneurs, innovators, and other professionals who are looking for insights on anything related to starting and building a business through positioning a company for a liquidity event. 

Hear from founders and innovators, venture capitalists, and trusted industry advisors in the technology and life sciences industry as they share their knowledge and best practices in building a successful high-growth business. Learn about their successes and failures and the moment in their journey that turned it all around.


Christina Apatow, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder of Fetchy Fox, a digital airport marketplace that gets you whatever you need (or want), and fast, without the long lines and frustration of navigating a crowded airport. Christina will discuss her story, some of the hurdles that were overcome and pivots needed a long the way, and ultimately how she positioned her company for success. 


Greg Zoll, CPA, Northern California Technology and Life Sciences Leader, Marcum LLP