The recent inflation situation has caused construction expenses to increase at unexpected rates. Worker’s Comp insurance is an example of this challenge.

Are you seeing your company’s worker’s comp rates and costs rising?  What are you doing to mitigate this challenge?

It’s mid-year, now is the time to review your worker’s comp and make the necessary changes to improve your rating.

Marcum LLP and World Insurance Associates will discuss practical ways to identify, modify and mitigate certain issues to improve overall efficiencies which translates to a healthier bottom-line and lower premiums.


  • Using Worker’s Comp reviews to improve processes
  • Implementing better communications for faster results
  • Track and improve outcomes with technology
  • Available resources to help you through the process


Jeff Deldin, Executive VP – Head of Surety Bonds Unit, World Insurance Associates
Darlene Lee, Internal P&C Advisor, Marcum LLP
Chuck Schwartz, Construction ERP Software Specialist, Marcum LLP


Joseph Natarelli, National Construction Services Leader, Marcum LLP