For most organizations, IT security is a necessity, and no longer considered a requirement only for high-profile companies. Many organizations now realize that if a hack or data threat hasn’t happened yet, they will be a target in the near future. In response to this ever present threat, many businesses and organizations have developed a Disaster Recovery Strategy.

At Marcum, we believe that business continuity is just as valuable as disaster recovery. In this seminar we will define both terms, and review the contents of both good disaster recovery and business continuity plans. We’ll also compare and contrast the two, and help you decide what strategy works best for your business.

We will also discuss:

  • The standards of data backup in 2017
  • Designing a network with disaster recovery in mind
  • Continuity planning for disasters large and small
  • Current trends in business continuity and services

This seminar is beneficial to IT, Operations, and Administrative professionals.