Navigating divorce settlements can be financially complex as there may be hidden traps, including concealed income and assets, the tracing of separate property, the valuation of and division of privately held businesses, etc.  

Imputing income in a family law matter is not a new concept.  Oftentimes, income is imputed to an unemployed or underemployed spouse.  In higher net worth cases, estimating a reasonable rate of return can be useful in assisting the parities and the court with support calculations and/or asset division.

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*This course qualifies for 1.0 hour of Continuing Legal Education [CLE] credit in the following states: New York, Pennsylvania. Course Pending approval in New Jersey, Ohio, and Illinois.


  • Case Law on Imputation of Income to Assets
  • What information is needed for a Rate of Return Analysis
  • Impact on Support Calculation and Asset Division 


Jim Godbout, ASA, CVA, CDFA, CFE, CFP®
Alynne Zielinski, MBA, CFP®, CDFA®


Bob Ranallo, CPA, ABV, JD, CVA, CFF