Join us for an insightful webinar where Marcum’s seasoned construction professionals team up with CFOs from prominent contracting firms to delve into the critical practices of process review and documentation. In this session, we’ll explore the strategies that drive continuous improvement and the importance of meticulous record-keeping across all facets of your contracting business – from the back office to front office operations, and right into the heart of the field.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to fortify the core of your business management, refine your estimating and business development techniques, and streamline your on-site operations. Register now to build a stronger foundation for your construction enterprise.


Joseph Natarelli, National Construction Leader, Marcum LLP


Jim Low, Partner-in-Charge, NE Internal Audit Services, Marcum LLP
Jim Miller, Partner, Marcum LLP
Carl Franseen, CFO, Eskola Roofing
Chris Rininger, CFO, Cleveland Construction