Why Food & Beverage/Hospitality CEOs Say Employee Turnover is One of Their Top Business Challenges…and How to Fix It.

An eye-opening discussion with leaders in the industry on a continued threat to your operational risk! This seminar will highlight what you need to know.

Join us to learn how to address turnover from the experts. BusinessWeek Magazine says Dick Finnegan “offers fresh thinking for solving the turnover problem”…and his company consistently helps organizations reduce turnover from 20% to 70%. He’ll teach you strategies you need to know so you leave with a plan to cut turnover in your company and increase revenue as a result.


  • How employee turnover costs more than just hiring and training – it costs CUSTOMERS.
  • How your revenue goals are impacted by turnover.
  • Why ineffective recruiting cannot be passed on to customers.
  • How to quantify your retention costs.

Lou Biscotti, National Food & Beverage Services Leader