This discussion will delve into why ESOPs are seen as a strong exit option, particularly for construction companies. The panel will provide insights regarding ESOPs and highlight why construction companies choose an ESOP as a buyer, making the construction industry one of the largest industry sectors of ESOP owned companies.

Our diverse panel of ESOP valuation, bonding, and wealth management professionals will provide perspectives as it pertains to key issues to contemplate in forming an ESOP and becoming an ESOP-owned company.

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  • ESOPs from the perspective of the selling shareholder, the company, as well as the employees
  • The economic and tax benefits of selling one’s company to an ESOP, including deferring and possibly eliminating all capital gains tax associated with the sale
  • Why the culture and other factors make construction companies a great fit for employee-owned ESOP companies
  • Considerations and recommendations from a surety perspective
  • Pros and cons of ESOPs as compared to other exit options


Joseph Natarelli – National Construction Services Leader, Marcum LLP
Patrice Radogna – National ESOP Co-Leader, Marcum LLP
Leslie Lauer – CFP, ChFC, CEPA, Managing Director, UBS Financial Services Inc.
Nick Labbe – Vice President – Surety, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.