Many organizations are using old, outdated, and disconnected technology.  Customers are being trained to order on-line and get products in hours (not days) and get instantaneous updates on order and product status through technology. Banking is occurring digitally rather than through branches.  Marketing is being conducted in a more targeted, focused manner due to data analytics and digital targeting.  Products (cars) are being smarter through embedded technologies. No longer is technology an after-thought for a business, it is quite often now THE Business.

This webinar will focus on the reasoning and methods to update and maintain current technology within your business. How it increases competitive advantage and how to shift focus from technology as a cost, to technology as a competitive advantage for your business.

Learning Objectives

After completing this session, participants will be able to:

  • The participant will learn the business cases for updating and maintaining current technology.
  • The seminar will cover the four steps to modernize and maintain technology, including how to get started
  • The seminar will address impact on your staff and other projects
  • The seminar will cover how to address your own business case for modernizing


David Mustin, Vice President – Strategic IT Consulting, Marcum Technoloogy