This presentation will help explain the seriousness of expense report and credit card fraud. After laying the foundation for these frauds, we’ll dive into the many ways employees cheat on their expense reports and in credit card transactions. Attendees will be educated on how to catch the thieving employee, what to look for, and how to use analytics.

Areas Covered Include:

  • How employees cheat on expense reports and with corporate credit cards
  • Effective methods to examine expense reports and credit card in order to identify inappropriate charges
  • Recommended internal controls to consider and enforce
  • Drafting and implementing an effective travel and entertainment and credit card policy
  • Gift card abuse and how to prevent being a victim in this area

Presenter: Frank Suponcic, Partner, Valuation and Litigation Support, Marcum LLP
CPE Category: Auditing
Level: Basic
Prerequisites or advance preparation: None