2020 Financial Professional Agenda

Reaching your peak potential: It does not matter if you’re trying to become an elite world class athlete, fighting for your life, being the best parent/spouse possible, or just entering the workforce dreaming of being the CEO someday.  Your mindset, game plan, and your supporting cast must be focused on the task at hand.  Anything else will only compromise your efforts and potentially leave you falling short of your goals.  The objective of this presentation is to give you some real life experiences from the past twenty-two years that I have used to help athletes, injured or sick individuals, ordinary people, the young professional climbing the ladder, and top experts to reach their potential.     

Learning Objectives

  • Discovering your inner self and what makes you tick
  • Using stress and pressure to help propel you to achieving your goals
  • Capitalizing on your strengths and your weaknesses to help you soar

CPE Category: Personal Development
Level: Basic; Prerequisites or advance preparation: None