Now that the $900 billion COVID-19 relief package has been approved, the government hopes it’s another step toward easing the financial strain of the pandemic.

What do you need to do now to start preparing for what’s to come?

Leave it to Marcum’s tax team to analyze the relief deal. 

This is a high-level overview, with what you need to know now to start preparing for what’s to come in 2021.  It is a highlight of the changes and how it affects businesses and individuals.


  • Second round of PPP loans
  • Stimulus checks
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Employer credits
  • New, expanded, and extended tax provisions


Michael D’Addio, Tax Principal, Marcum LLP
Andrew Finkle, Advisory Partner, Marcum LLP
Michael Maksymiw, Tax Partner, Marcum LLP
Dawn Minotas, Accounting Services Director, Marcum LLP