It’s been one year since the deal making community, like the rest of the world, was blindsided by the pandemic. Since we first met last April to discuss Covid-19’s impact on the PE Community, much has changed. With the roll out of multiple vaccines hopefully signaling the beginning of the end of the pandemic, and the Democrats taking control of both the White House and Congress, there are a lot of things going on that deal professionals need to understand and consider. There are old risks, as well as new, emerging ones, that threaten to derail the current favorable deal environment. Similarly, there are new factors that are positively impacting the current deal market (at least for sellers).  

Join Marcum, Troutman Pepper and Aon for the fifth webinar in our deal making series. This one, titled “Covid-19 & the Deal-Making Community…One Year Later,” will discuss lessons learned from the pandemic, sectors that were most impacted, business interruptions, as well as the impact on valuation, and we will make our predictions on how the current deal market will evolve.

Among other topics, our experienced panel will touch on:

  • Reps and Warranty Insurance – where things stand now
  • EBITDAC revisited 
  • Positive outcomes from Covid-19 and what we learned along the way
  • Boom in SPAC activity 
  • Where we go from here

This will be an engaging, hard hitting panel you won’t want to miss.


Bruce K. Fenton – Partner & Private Equity Practice Leader, Troutman Pepper


James Clancy – Partner & Managing Director, Hennepin Partners
Jonathan Chou – Partner, Eureka Equity Partners
Allyson Coyne – Managing Director & Chief Broking Officer, Aon
Andrew Finkle – Partner, Marcum LLP