Program Description

Focus on Growing Your Business, Not Babysitting your Accounting Systems.

When you invest in your Cannabis Business, most investors focus on the equipment and operations first – that is what creates revenue, right! 

The last area to get developed is often the most critical, but often not the most obvious. 

Cannabis Operations are some of the most highly scrutinized and regulated industries in our economy.  Local, State, and Federal compliance and regulations can feel like we’re running a marathon, while carrying an anvil.

Marcum Technology provides the industry expertise and objectivity to cannabis operators and organizations in this emerging industry sector.

Operators like you have turned to Marcum to increase efficiency, minimize costs, and bring innovative new products to market – while remaining compliant in an ever changing environment.

Join us for an informative look into how Cannabis Operators have leveraged technology to achieve success.

Presenters: Glenn Anstead, Vice President – Financial Solutions, Marcum Technology
Fields of Study: Computer Applications & Software
Amount of Recommended CPE: 1 hour
Type of Delivery Method: Group-Internet
Learning Objectives:

  • Critical Requirements for a Cannabis Operator
  • How to measure and report Performance
  • What makes the Marcum Cannabis Solution better

Program Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: NONE.
Advanced Preparation: NONE.
Webinar: Yes