How Fed Interest Rate Hikes Could Impact Commercial Construction

Economic recovery from the pandemic continues in 2022, but despite areas of economic strength, we are still facing some headwinds. Join Marcum LLP and Washington Trust as they discuss the opportunities and challenges the commercial construction industry is facing today and provide insights for what’s ahead.

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  • Strengths in today’s economy – labor market, personal spending, retail sales, housing market, industrial production, construction spending, and corporate profits
  • What will the pandemic look like in 2022?
  • Russia’s war in Ukraine and the threat of escalation
  • Inflation and its impact on the economy and financial markets
  • Insights on the U.S. Federal Reserve Policy
  • Risks with the U.S. Treasury Yield Curve


Peter Phillips, CFA, CAIA, Sr. Vice President & Chief Investment Officer, Washington Trust Wealth Management
Julia Anne Slom, Sr. Vice President, Team Leader, Commercial Real Estate, Washington Trust
James Miller, Partner, Marcum LLP


Joseph Natarelli, CPA, National Construction Services Leader, Marcum LLP


Edward O. “Ned” Handy III, Chairman and CEO, Washington Trust