Program Overview

A crisis on the scale of the one we’re facing demands the need for us to be agile when it comes to planning. According to which surveyed 414 IT execs, managers, and business professionals, a plurality (45 percent) of Impact Study respondents said their top priority in the coming year will be cost control and expense management. Join Marcum as we provide you with a review of how you can leverage a FP&A solution like Vena to help you plan and forecast your budget. We will review how you can manage the budget process and easily develop budgets for contingency while working remotely. We will also explore how organizations can take full control over costs and expenses in managing their budgets.

  • Buu-Linh Tran, Director, Financial Solutions Architect – Marcum Technology
  • Rashida Calvin, Senior Financials Solutions Consultant – Marcum Technology
  • David Commisso, Vena Solutions

Fields of Study: Information Technology
Amount of Recommended CPE: 1 hour
Type of Delivery Method: Group-Internet
Learning Objectives:

  1. Best practices for contingency planning
  2. Understanding Vena software ecosystem
  3. How to build agile budgets quickly
  4. How Vena can help you manage budget and reporting

Program Level: Basic
Prerequisites: NONE
Advanced Preparation: NONE
Webinar: Yes