As your trusted advisor – Marcum’s Valuation, Financial and Litigation Services practice team have prepared a virtual Continuing Legal Education (CLE) program that focuses on helping attorneys better cross-examine financial experts on common errors in their valuation analyses.

Please join us for this informational session, as subject matter experts provide participants with insight on the 10 common errors that are made in valuations so that they can identify these issues in opposing expert reports and effectively cross-examine opposing experts on them.


  • Confusion of equity value and enterprise value
  • Failure to properly consider normalizing adjustments
  • Assumption that net income = net cash flow
  • Reliance on reported historical cash flow
  • Unsustainable relationship of capital expenditures and depreciation
  • No consideration of net working capital requirements
  • Assuming reductions in debt into perpetuity
  • Failure to consider mid-period discounting
  • Unsupportable long-term growth rate
  • Not tax-affecting for pass-through entities


Elizabeth I. Ciccone, ASA, Esq, Partner, Advisory Services


Landan Ansell, CPA, J.D. – Director, Advisory Services
Sean Saari, CPA, ABV, CVA, MBA – Partner, Advisory Services