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This seminar is open to CAE's and CCO's

Operationalizing Compliance - PHL - May 16, 2017

Marcum LLP invites you to attend this seminar led by Tom Fox, Compliance Evangelist and Expert.

For it is only through operationalizing compliance that companies have a real chance of avoiding regulatory liability, like the FCPA. More importantly, by operationalizing your compliance program, it makes your compliance program more efficient and drives increased entity profitability as compliance moves from a cost center to improving business processes to increase profits. This makes this session a must for any compliance professional, regardless of industry.

If you are looking for a training class to turbocharge your knowledge on the nuts and bolts of a compliance program going forward, this is the class for you to attend. Moreover, you will have an intensive focus group of like-minded practitioners with which you can share leading practices.

Space is limited for this complimentary event. Breakfast, snacks, and lunch will be provided.


  • What are the leading practices of an operationalized compliance program;
  • Why internal controls are the compliance practitioners best friend;
  • How you can use transaction monitoring to not only make your compliance program more robust but as a self-funding mechanism;
  • The new global anti-corruption enforcement paradigm;
  • Internal investigations and;
  • Negotiating with the government.

Tom Fox
Tom Fox is one of the leading commentators in the FCPA compliance space. He will bring a unique insight of what many companies have done right and many have done not so well over the years. This professional experience has enabled him to put together a unique educational opportunity for any person interested in compliance.

Jonathan T. Marks, CPA, CFE, Marcum LLP
Jonathan is a partner in Marcum's Advisory Practice and has almost thirty years of experience in the fraud and compliance space. He will assist Tom throughout the day and lead a session on Internal Investigations.

Time and Location


    February 12-13, 2018


    7:45 AM


    Marcum LLP
    One SE Third Avenue
    Suite 1100
    Miami, FL 33131


CPE Credits

Up to 8 CPEs will be awarded to individuals based on the NASBA CPE regulations.