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Marcum LLP Presents Peter Y. Stephan and the Tax Resolution Institute's Full-Day Tax Resolution Seminar.

Marcum LLP in conjunction with the Tax Resolution Institute is sponsoring the first 2015 Northeast session of our Full Day Tax Resolution seminar. Interested CPAs, Attorneys and Enrolled Agents in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas are encouraged to attend to learn about the intricacies of tax resolution from one of today's top practitioners, Peter Y. Stephan.

With over a quarter century of tax resolution experience with both the IRS and the various state taxation agencies, Peter Y. Stephan is the well-known as the author of the tax resolution textbook, The Ultimate Guide to Tax Resolution. Participants will receive a free copy of the book, arming them with a powerful step-by-step guide to handling numerous tax resolution related problems. From personal income tax problems to payroll tax cases, the seminar will cover the bases to solve both individual and business tax resolution issues. The cost of the seminar is $349 in advance online or $399 at the door.

From 2005 to 2010, the IRS doubled the number of liens it recorded in an uncompromising effort to collect on back due taxes. Since 2010, the efforts of the IRS have become even more intense with a particular focus on trust fund recovery penalty cases and delinquent payroll tax prosecutions. Participants at the seminar will learn how to represent business owners, contractors and salaried employees to help resolve their tax collection and resolution problems.

The obvious result is that learning tax resolution application and strategies is essential for any accountant or tax professional. The January 16 Tax Resolution Seminar in the New York headquarters of the Marcum LLP headquarters is a great way to start accessing the expertise needed to succeed.

As a tax professional, are you prepared to help your clients when they need you most?

Peter Y. Stephan Managing Partner, SST CPAs - Director, Tax Resolution Institute


  1. Key planning advice to give your clients prior to presenting their case to the IRS
  2. When to pursue an Offer in Compromise with the IRS and how to effectively present a client's financial situation to maximize your chances of a successful offer
  3. Important steps to take early in the process to maximize your client's ability to obtain an IRS penalty abatement
  4. How and when to leverage the statute of limitations so you can use it as a bargaining chip to secure the best possible tax resolution outcome for a client
  5. Primary caveats to guard against when negotiating Installment Agreements and Partial Pay Installment Agreements
  6. The steps to securing a bank levy release and third-party levy release so a client can continue to operate their business while resolving their tax issues
  7. How and when tax debts can be discharged in bankruptcy

Time and Location


    January 16, 2015


    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


    Marcum LLP
    750 Third Avenue, 11th Floor
    New York, NY 10017