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The seminar will provide attendees with knowledge regarding the college planning process and what can be done to help reduce the overall cost of college.

Presenter: Jim Van Eperen, Raffa Financial Services
Meal: Lunch
Fields of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Amount of Recommended CPE: 2 hours
Type of Delivery Method: Group-Live
Learning Objectives:

  • The ins and outs of the financial aid process: How it works and what parents need to know to get the most free money
  • Why starting NOW is so important!
  • How “high” income families can receive financial
  • The “behind the scenes” methods colleges use to select students and award funding
  • Why some private schools cost less than state schools
  • Critical deadlines to know when filing for financial aid
  • Why it's imperative to plan ahead in order to get the most out of the financial aid system
  • Which assets are taken into consideration when the government calculates your "Expected Family Contribution"
  • How to pick colleges that will give you the most generous financial aid package

Program Level: Basic
Prerequisites: NONE
Advanced Preparation: NONE
Webinar: No

Time and Location


    December 4, 2019


    12:00 PM - 2:00 PM


    Marcum LLP
    1899 L Street, NW
    8th Floor
    Washington, DC 20036