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Taking Creative Departments to the Next Level of Creativity, Productivity, and Performance

Turn an under-performing in-house creative department into a creative powerhouse! This two-hour workshop teaches non-profit executives and communication leaders how to optimize work with in-house creative teams. Learn to manage and motivate staff designers; identify weaknesses and build on strengths; develop staff skills through mentoring; and institute processes that infuse the workplace with creative spirit and organizational direction.

Reimagine your organization from the inside out! By maximizing your team's creative potential you will succeed in better expressing your organization's vision, communicating its vital messages, and building lasting connections with the people who matter most.

Hosted by: Marcum Marketing
Presenter: Polina Pinchevsky, RoundPeg
Meal: Breakfast
Fields of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Amount of Recommended CPE: 2 hours
Type of Delivery Method: Group-Live
Learning Objectives:

  1. Optimize in-house design function with correct systems and processes
  2. Transform in-house designers from "makers" into "thinkers"
  3. Create mentoring opportunities
  4. Amplify the create team's ability to contribute
  5. Increase efficiency in hiring outside vendors
  6. Invigorate creative services output

Program Level: Basic
Prerequisites: None.
Advanced Preparation: None.
Webinar: No

Time and Location


    November 13, 2018


    9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


    Marcum LLP
    1899 L Street, NW
    Suite 850
    Washington, DC 20036