Do ESOPs and Construction Companies Mix?

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Will you be able to monetize your company? Planning is the foundation of a successful liquidation strategy for any construction company. Start by understanding the benefits of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) before you decide if they are right for you. No other liquidity alternative combines significant tax and financial advantages with the flexibility that enables you to customize your business succession to fit your unique needs. Create a market for your company while you incentivize your employees to be more productive as participants in the ESOP.


  • How to effectively monetize your private company.
  • Why an ESOP may work for you and your company and some of the key benefits for construction company owners.
  • How to build a better company succession strategy with employee ownership.
  • The tax benefits available to you and your business.

Kenneth J. Pia, Jr., Partner-in-Charge, Business Valuation Services

Time and Location


    June 21, 2018


    2:00 PM


    Webinar - Online