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New proposed regulations have just been issued! Don’t miss your chance to hear from the treasury! This is the only FREE OZ event in DC!

Opportunity Zones, created in late 2017, are expected to drive $10 billion in investment toward low income communities over the next ten years. They are set to mainstream the field of impact investing to communities where the American Dream is nonexistent. To help everyone to understand this better, we are hosting a special luncheon with leading experts in the US to answer your questions.

Raffa- Marcum’s Nonprofit & Social Sector Group is playing a facilitating role between investors, nonprofits and governments and co-hosting a special event to help demystify opportunity zones.


Daniel Kowalski
Daniel Kowalski
Counselor to the Secretary U.S. Department of the Treasury

Daniel Kowalski, Counselor to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, will give an update on the IRS's guidance regarding Opportunity Zones. Mr. Kowalski's broad and high-level policy duties at Treasury include spearheading the development of IRS guidelines and reporting for the Opportunity Zone program.


Elizabeth Garlow
Elizabeth Garlow
Impact Investment Officer, Lumina Foundation

Elizabeth Garlow is Lumina Foundation’s impact investment officer, where she invests in early stage ventures focused on postsecondary education and skill-building. She most recently served as a community solutions policy advisor at The White House during the Obama Administration, where she managed the President's Promise Zones initiative, working closely with local leaders to create jobs, improve educational outcomes, reduce crime and support overall community prosperity.

Michael D'Addio
Michael D'Addio
Principal of Tax & Business, Marcum LLP

Michael D'Addio is a Principal of Tax & Business in Marcum’s New Haven, Connecticut office. He has more than 35 years as a specialist in compliance and planning in a variety of areas concerning federal and state taxation. He has a wide range of industry experience including real estate, research and development, professional services, and manufacturing. He has extensive experience in planning business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, business entity formation and dissolutions, and sales transactions. Michael has developed a number of planning strategies for clients in the areas of estate and gift planning, including use of trusts for tax savings and asset protection.

Jill Homan
Jill Homan
President, Javelin 19 Investments

Jill Homan is President of Javelin 19 Investments, a Washington, DC-based real estate development, investment, and advisory firm with more than $155 million in investments and transactions and a leader in the new Opportunity Zone ("OZ") area. Ms. Homan has more than fifteen years' experience in real estate acquisitions, dispositions, development, financing, asset management and leasing totaling over $400 million in total capitalization. Since January 2018, Ms. Homan has worked with legislative and Administrative members to develop a comprehensive understanding of the OZ program and advocate for regulations that allow for the real estate industry to participate in the OZ program. She has helped working groups of attorneys and accountants develop real estate deal structures to fit into the program guidelines and advocated for issues of importance to the real estate industry.

Darius Baxter
Darius Baxter
Executive Director, GoodProjects

Darius Baxter is Executive Director of Good Projects, a community-based organization in Washington, D.C. whose mission is to move individuals out of poverty by turning Opportunity Zones into Good Zones and providing families a trajectory through workforce development programs, investments, resources, internships and jobs.

Our event starts with Daniel Kowalski is Counselor to the Secretary of the Treasury and has taken the lead on drafting the regulations that have turned this concept into reality. He will update the audience on the last regulations and insights on how to make this works in struggling communities.

Following his presentation and questions, we have assembled a panel of leaders on the cutting edge of Opportunity Zones who will share concrete examples of how communities can collaborate to make this transformative for social change. Our panel includes investor, legal, tax & accounting, real estate development experts, nonprofit and foundation leaders who will engage around the key themes and questions emerging as regulation clarity develops around Opportunity Zones and Qualified Find investments.

Community critics have said Opportunity Zones are great for real estate investors but may not help the people who currently live there. Government leaders have made a strong case that these investments must lead to substantial improvement to the local communities.

We believe the most successful opportunity zone investments will be conducted by those that see, not only the opportunity to make money and save in taxes, but who want these communities to thrive. These are the investors that will consider the population living in these local communities, hear from community church leaders and spokespersons, collaborate with non-profits working in and near the zones, and work with civic leaders to form a coordinated plan that will actually help the people living in the neighborhoods thrive, as opposed to running the risk of gentrification.

Time and Location


    May 7, 2019


    11:00 AM - 2:30 PM


    The Hamilton LIVE
    600 14th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20005