• The Newseum, Washington, DC
  • October 24, 2019

Featured Speaker

Diane Rehm
Former host of the Diane Rehm Show, National Public Radio

Diane Rehm is the legendary and award-wining NPR host who has educated and inspired millions of on air listeners from across the world with her weekly interviews of prominent influencers and thinkers on topics ranging from the US economy and foreign affairs to literature, science and the arts. Since creating one of the most powerful programs in public radio, Diane has used her more than 30 years in public broadcasting to expand horizons and promote a deeper understanding of the world around us. In the process, Diane has created an enduring legacy and served as an effective champion for vital causes close to her heart.


Kakenya Ntaiya
Founder and Director of Kakenya’s Dream

Kakenya Ntaiya, a Kenyan educator, feminist and social activist was named a Top CNN Hero in 2013 and her amazing story has been the subject of much media attention and accolades. As the founder and president of Kakenya’s Dream organization, her programs have transformed the lives of thousands of girls and helped to bring an end to harmful traditional practices. Advocating passionately for girls empowerment through education and fighting to keep them safe, Kakenya has overcome enormous obstacles herself and become a beacon of hope and champion for the next generation of female change agents in Kenya.

Melanne Verveer
Director of Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security

Melanne Verveer became the first ever US Ambassador at Large for Global Women’s Issues under President Obama, working on foreign policy issues and activities related to the political, economic and social advancement of women. Traveling to some sixty countries, and throughout her career and many leadership positions, Ambassador Verveer has championed the rights and vital role women play in a sustainable world. Today she serves as the Director of Georgetown University Institute for Women’s Peace and Security and has received distinguished awards and was named to the Newsweek “150 Women Who Shake The World” list, Fast Company’s “60 Influencers Who Are Changing the World and Enterprising Magazine’s Hall of Fame.